Barrio Immersion

Live with the Bucana community and understand the Bucana way of life.

Bucana is a home to subsistence fisherfolks with a strong bond with the river, the seas and the mountain. Immerse yourselves in the daily rhythm of simple chores alongside the local residents.

River Cruise

Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the Maragondon River in a banca with our Bucana boatmen.

Tampisaw sa Batis

Dip in the waters of the barrio stream

Sunset Viewing

Witness the sunset at the end of the afternoon river cruise


Reminisce about the good old times or make new core memories around the campfire.

Larong Pinoy

Play classic and well-loved Filipino games like sungka, patintero and tumbang preso

Cove Hopping

Visit a series of stunning coves along the coastline

Hiking and Bird Watching

Embark on an exhilarating hiking and bird watching adventure with experienced guides of Kampo Nomadiko

Archery / Rowing (pre-booked)

Connect with your inner focus while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors learning archery and/or rowing with the experts of Kampo Nomadiko

Puerto Azul Golf Course

Combine outdoor recreation and relaxation at the Puerto Azul Golf Course situated near the camp

Abucana Learning Experience

Engage with the locals as they teach you the traditional ways of the barrio.

Abucana Camp caters to families and groups who value the importance of learning about the way of life, cultural traditions, and connecting with nature. Activities include engaging experiences that foster personal growth, environmental stewardship and a sense of community.

People of Abucana

Embark on a transformative learning journey with a diverse blend of experts and locals, as they impart invaluable wisdom and experiences to your family or group.

Camp Facilitators