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    ABUCANA CAMP is a picturesque retreat nestled in Barrio Bucana in Ternate,Cavite. It is located beside Maragondon River, 200 meters away from the sandbar of Ternate Bay, surrounded by houses of barrio folks related to one another, who have lived there all their lives. The camp can be reached through a hillside road overlooking the beachfront of the Bay.

    The camp derived its name from "Abuelo" meaning grandfather in Spanish and"Bucana" representing the mouth of the river and holds a strong connection to its local heritage. It can serve as a place to gather for individuals and groups seeking a serene and tranquil environment, do outdoor activities, team building exercises, or to immerse to nature and barrio lifestyle.

    Abucana Camp provides a memorable experience for families, fostering togetherness through stories and games, and appreciation for the wonders of nature.

    I have always envisioned Abucana as a place for barrio immersion to allow family members to experience life at its most essential - how to catch fish, grill fish, cook rice in clay pots, and fetch water from the artesian well.

    Patrick "Pato" Gregorio


    All room are air conditioned. Rates are inclusive of breakfast. Camp Exclusive Rate is P35,000 / night for 25 guests inclusive of breakfast. P1000 / extra person / night

    For exclusive camp bookings, kindly reach out to us via email at or contact us at +63 969 087 4814.

    Camp Attractions and Activities

    River Cruise

    Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the Maragondon River in a banca with our Bucana boatmen.

    Cove Hopping

    Visit a series of stunning coves along the coastline.

    Barrio Immersion

    Live with the Bucana community and understand the Bucana way of life.

    Our Commitment

    At Abucana Camp, the story of Abu is relived. We are dedicated to preserving and sharing the values and practices he taught to our friends, and families, especially the younger generations.

    In today's fast-paced and highly digitized world, we understand the importance of reconnecting with nature, fostering interpersonal relationships and instilling values that build and nurture character.

    Food Services

    Indulge in the offerings sourced from the river's life-sustaining abundance

    People of Abucana

    Discover the essence and individuality of the place by immersing yourself in the welcoming embrace of its community

    Step back or take a breather from a highly digital environment - when parents allow their kids to play with soil using their bare hands.

    Gus Leonardo